We are pleased to announce that our booking systems are now open and ready to take bookings from Saturday 4th July!
Book online NOW!


🙏🏼🌈 ALL LIGHT CARD  HOLDERS GET 15% OFF! Thank you for all your hard work! (When booking online please choose the blue badge option and show your badge at reception. Failure to bring your badge will result in a full payment.)

🚰It has always has been our top priority to maintain the highest hygiene levels across all stores however rest assured that extra precautions are now in place to help keep you even safer.

📑 Our staff have been updated with relevant training in correct use of PPE and thorougher equipment sterilisation. We are proud that all staff have also completed a covid-19 health and safety certification.

🕓 To allow us to follow new health and safety guidelines all services have been extended to allow for a thorougher station and equipment wipe down and change of PPE between each client.

🚽❌ We have closed our waiting area, toilets and Sunbeds to the public. You must now check in at reception and if your stylist is not ready you will need to que outside the salon or wait in your car. A member of our team will call you when your stylist is ready. Please come alone and if you can, and try limit your personal belongings (bags and coats)

☕️🍺 Stations have been sectioned off to limit contact with others. Unfortunately hot drinks are off the menu for now however you will still be able to help your self to all cold drinks including water, Coca-Cola and beer.

⏰Please book in for the right service and time!!! If your hair is now very long you will be required to book a restyle on your first visit rather than your usual wash & cut or skin fade. A restyle is a 50 min appointment where as a wash and cut is only 30mins. Failure to book the right service and time out may result in us refusing your service due to our busy diary and strict cleaning routines, so please double check with your stylist before booking if you are unsure.

💷💳 To further limit contact in our salons we advice people to book online where full payment is now required prior to the service.

✂️💈Unfortunately due to high PPE costs and longer appointment time slots we have slightly increased the price of all our services. We hate to have to do this but as you can imagine we have had to take drastic measures in order to get our businesses back up and running again. We hope you will continue to support us whilst we find our feet working in these new circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding we look forward to getting back to doing what we love, we have missed you!

James Hill