Get summer ready with our MINT top picks for holiday ready hair!

Get summer ready with our MINT top picks for holiday ready hair!

Regardless of whether your go-to summer hair style is a fresh buzz cut or letting it flow down to your shoulders, every guy would be well-served to reevaluate his summer hair care routine when warmer weather hits. “The heat, pools, ocean and sun can be extra harsh on hair. Everyone, regardless of hair length, could use a little extra care.

The prolonged exposure to sunlight and aggressive heat that comes with the season can give way to dryness, excessive sweat and oils, and a general struggle to keep your hair styled throughout the day (nobody likes putting time and care into styling their hair in the morning only for it to be floppy and lifeless by lunchtime). Luckily, there are a number of products out there designed to help men get ahead of the summertime hair care struggles. We have put together a collection of our favourite summer hair essentials to make your hair styling a breeze!

All products listed below are available in all MINT salons.


Only takes 7 seconds to make a great first impression – make it count with our award-winning 7SECOND hair system. Nourish and fortify your hair with this leave-in detangler. A must-have for chemically treated hair or damaged hair, 7SECONDS™ Leave-in Detangler seals the cuticle and protects from heat and UV. Tangles gone in 7SECONDS™ an essential for the locks this summer!


Ready for some serious lifting? Lightly sprinkle EXPANDA™ Dust onto roots and massage into scalp for instant root volume or dust throughout hair for added texture. A little puff of dust goes a long way and plus the bottle is so light it will not be taking up un wanted extra kilos in your case the summer!

Tailored and devolved by barbers for professional and home use!
A light hold, matt finish styling cream with a unique irresistible fragrance is the perfect way to finish your summer look off!

label.m Sea Salt Spray creates wearably tousled styles with an edgy matte finish. The innovative Enviroshield Complex, exclusive to label.m, protects hair against heat styling and UV rays.

Spray into damp or dry hair and blow dry for a thicker, matt effect.

James Hill