“To be the largest barbering franchise on the planet that delivers the highest standard of modern barbering. Where staff constantly excel and an establishment that clients can’t be without”.

Mint Franchise

Over the last few years, MINT has made rapid developments in order to build an immaculate foundation focused around our professional service and customer care. We have built an outstanding reputation by ensuring our teams are experts within our field. We deliver only the highest standard of modern barbering and are renowned as creators, changing the face of barbering.

MINT is a multi-award-winning business with many years of experience in the barbering industry.  From our previous sales and marketing efforts, we are confident in saying that we’re sitting on a winning formula. In 2019 MINT introduced franchising to its model. We wanted to allow passionate barbers to have the opportunity to be part of Mints success.  James the director of MINT created an innovative concept that allows business owners to gain in-depth knowledge about their business to drive success and grow their MINT franchise into a long-term profitable venture.

Franchising with MINT is a unique and exciting opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial dream who share the same passion and vision for modern barbering. We ideally like candidates to have worked for our company for 12- 18 months, however people with experience or qualifications outside the company may still be considered.

Mint Concept


Customer service is a fundamental part to our business. Our company is designed to provide a superior service and create positive community relationships. It is the very foundation of our mission statement and strict guidelines are in place to ensure customer satisfaction.


We are a high performing team who share the same vision and goals and we collaborate, challenge and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results. Solid teams are the foundation of our high-performance organisation.


Our robustly tested marketing platforms are innovative and effective, they are proven to drive footfall through the door.


A lot of thought went into creating our signature salon design. MINT combines both a modern and industrial feel. Our barbershops are designed to make any man feel at ease, a place where they can forget about their busy life style and kick back in ultimate luxury. We create an inviting, clean and organized workplace for both our staff and clients and take great pride in maintaining our beautiful crafted space. Our salon is energized by our fun, lively and welcoming team.


Our unique winning formula which allows us to stand out from your everyday barbershop is our passion and commitment to combining both barbering and hairdressing skills. Both talents come hand in hand when creating the most beautifully skilled and unique styles. We ensure our teams are trained to the highest of standards in both long and short hair so we are ready to face a variety of complex client needs. This combination gives our stylist’s both confidence and creativity.


We are proud to say that our locations have been equipped with revolutionary systems to simplify operations as a business owner and allow owners to gain in-depth knowledge about their business. We have tried and tested numerous software’s and have made sure only the very best and most effective be brought forward into our business structure.


We have built strong connections with leading experts in the hair care industry. We are stockiest of only our favorite brands and all products used in MINT are premium quality and from reputable product suppliers. We are proud to also have our own MINT product label, which is available across all MINT stores and includes a variety of barber essentials for styling. We pride ourselves on our superior product ranges available at MINT and have high expectations of all barbers maintaining strong product knowledge to encourage sales and create immaculate hair styles.


All MINT franchisee benefit from our support package including:

Sourcing the Best Location & Financial Planning

Our MINT franchise team are dedicated to sourcing the perfect location for your business and ensure all financial planning including negotiation on a lease, loans and legal completion for a smooth transaction.

Salon Build & Design

We have talented and experienced teams who design and create our unique and bespoke spaces. All salons are crafted to the highest of standards using our unique signature MINT style.

Franchise Managers

Our franchisees will be continuously supported and guided by our trusted franchisee managers. They have vast experience and expertise that will prove vital to help franchisees to optimise sales and profits.

A Shop-ready Salon with Everything you Need to Open from Day One

We will ensure your salon is filled with all the essential equipment allowing your salon to be shop ready from day one. We guarantee your fee covers everything right from hair products to cleaning products to help eliminate unexpected expenses when you begin trading.

Powerful Business Plan

All franchisees benefit from a tailor made powerful business plan to ensure a successful venture including detailed policies and procedures for running your business.

In-Salon Education & Training

We provide all franchisees with essential training prior to opening including advance barbering courses and business coaching. All franchisee’s also benefit from continuous support from the MINT academy.

Accountancy Team/Financial Management

We use a revolutionary accountancy team that will help manage budgets and drive business success. Our unique financial system allows you to gain in-depth knowledge about your business and reduce valuable time spent on admin.


We have a custom built app, which uses powerful and exciting communications allowing all MINT franchisees the chance to interact with their clients.


“I started my MINT franchise, having previously worked for the company for numerous years. It was a fantastic opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a business owner and still do what I love – barbering.  I am incredibly proud of myself for achieving my dream and would highly recommend the MINT franchise opportunity to any barber looking for independence and growth.

You need to have a certain profile to be able to put in the work required to make this a success, but if you are prepared to put the work in the results are there to be achieved.  I am my own boss and responsible for how well my franchise performs, but I have the continuous support of MINT in the form of a franchise manager and the other franchisees which proves vital when your operating alone.

My hard work and dedication along with the guidance and support from MINT has allowed my company to grow into a successful and profitable business with a bright future. I highly recommend anyone thinking of opening a MINT franchise to do it, the brand recognition is very strong, the reputation is good, and we clearly have a superior service compared to our competition.”

– CJ Bell

“After working as a barber at MINT for many years I become strongly committed to the brand and its values. I was ready to grow my barbering career but wasn’t ready to leave behind the company so when a MINT franchise opportunity come around I couldn’t of been more excited! This opportunity allowed me to progress whilst keeping what is important to me at the forefront of my business.

I began this journey with no business experience, however the support from MINT has proven vital to the success of my business, allowing me to grow my skills to become successful business owner. The franchise structure has allowed me the freedom I required to grow my company and team and with much hard work and efforts I am seeing positive financial benefits. I highly recommend any one that has a passion for barbering and a vision of owning their own business to get involved in the MINT franchise module no matter your experience, it was the best thing I ever did and my plan is to get another salon very soon!”

– Adam Hicks


What is the Minimum Investment?

We estimate between £35,000 – £60,000 depending on location.

Will my Shop come fully-operational when Built?

Yes, your shop will be fully furnished and stocked right down from hair products to cleaning products, so you are ready for a full day’s business from the get-go.

How long does it take to get Started?

We estimate that it will take 5 to 6 months to create a brand new fully operational franchise.

Can I have investors?

Investor’s are welcome but using our tried and tested business plan investors are not necessary for success. As our team will assist you every step of the way. So we recommend either funding yourself our taking out a loan.

How Long will I own the Franchise for?

7 Years.

What happens after 7 Years?

You will be contacted at the end of year 6 by head office to see if you would like to continue with the MINT franchise. From there an agreeable franchise term will be decided between both parties that coincides with the existing lease agreement.

What can I Earn?

Earnings will vary from store to store with potential earnings between £85,000 – £100,000 per year.

Can I use my own Accountant?

No, all franchisee’s must use our MINT approved accountancy team to ensure effective operations within your franchise.

Will I receive Management Training?

Yes, you will receive training prior to opening which includes a variety of training courses tailored to everyone’s needs. All franchisees will also benefit from the continuous support and training via our franchise managers.

Do I have to work for the company before I can take on a franchise?

We ideally like candidates to have worked for our company for 12- 18 months, however people with experience or qualifications outside the company may still be considered.

Will you train my Barbers?

Yes MINT head office organise relevant training sessions where necessary and each franchisee will have access to our NVQ LEVEL 2 AND 3 barbering courses (one per year/ franchise).



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